Trevor Harwell Discusses How Data Problems in Higher Education Require Solutions

Trevor Harwell

October 14, 2021

Trevor Harwell Discusses How Data Problems in Higher Education Require Solutions

Trevor Harwell is a data expert with years of experience helping companies keep their data secure and safe. Recently, he has noticed an increase in data problems for higher education. Unfortunately, these issues are only like to worsen with time. As a result, he recently discussed this concern and the various steps that businesses can and should take to ensure that their students are protected and safe.


Trevor Harwell Examines This Looming Data Problem

The world of higher education has a severe crisis of data management. This issue occurs due to the rapidly increasing attendance numbers. As college and other higher education institutions become more important for career success, Trevor Harwell is noting more and more companies struggling to manage the influx and outflux of data that comes through their facilities every day.


For example, institutions are struggling with concerns like data hacks, which could leave their students open to identity theft. These issues typically center around colleges and other institutions not taking this risk seriously enough. Data protection should be a mandatory right that all businesses ensure, rather than an optional bonus that some groups likely do better than others.


This concern isn’t the only thing that Trevor Harwell has noticed. A growing number of higher education communities simply don’t have the proper backup or storage medium for their vast realms of data. Simply put, there is too much information, and it is not being stored properly. As a result, accessing and utilizing this student data properly has become nearly impossible to do in some facilities. Many higher educational institutes are simply not taking this problem seriously, either.


This problem is more severe than you might think. Take, for example, a situation in which a former student asks for their academic records. If a facility’s data storage is inefficient, it might take weeks to find this information. Even worse, inadequate storage could result in data loss, as old records get tossed away without creating secondary backups that protect against complete loss of information. This type of loss is permanent and cannot be reversed.


Solutions for these problems include things like cloud storage, data management services, enhanced data sorting methods, and AI-driven information management. Trevor Harwell understands that some institutions may find it hard to get this type of money into their budget. However, the money that they’ll lose if their data storage system fails will ultimately be much higher than this simple investment.


Take these steps into account when planning your data solutions for your higher education facility. By doing what you can to protect your students’ information, you ensure that they experience fewer dangers later in life. You also give your facility a better reputation and potentially attract more students at the same time. In today’s millennial world, staying modern is more important than ever for success.