Trevor Harwell – Five Secret Treasures in New York City

Trevor Harwell

June 21, 2022

Trevor Harwell


Trevor Harwell pointed out that, there are some great places that not everyone knows about in New York City. For example, you should check out the Little Red Lighthouse and the Old Stone House. If you like art, you can even find some hidden gems in the hottest part of town, Essex Market. If you like history, you can even find an old airplane on the roof of a building!

Weehawken Street by Trevor Harwell

Weehawken Street is in Hoboken, which is in New Jersey. It is about 30 minutes from Manhattan. From the Lincoln Tunnel, take a New Jersey Transit bus. You’ll get off the bus right next to Weehawken Waterfront Park. Every 15 minutes, there is a shuttle service. You may also take the New York Water Taxi to the area. About 30 minutes will be needed for both choices.

This street runs along the water in Weehawken, which is just south of Manhattan. The area has a lot to offer and is very beautiful. You can go to the Hunter’s Point Community Library in South Point Park. It was designed by Steven Holl. It has a cool facade with a lot of big, odd-shaped windows that let in some amazing views. You can get to Queensbridge Park by walking. The 21st-Queensbridge Subway Station is within walking distance of this park on the water.

The red lighthouse is small by Trevor Harwell

Trevor Harwell believes that, the Little Red Lighthouse is a historic monument that is presently owned by NYC Parks and managed by the Historic House Trust. The lighthouse’s towers are around 600 feet tall. This landmark is a living example of history, architecture, and water recreation. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you go to this famous place in New York City. This article will tell you more about the landmark and take you on a tour of it.

The Little Red Lighthouse has been in use since 1880. It is on Jeffrey’s Hook. In 1942, an illustrated children’s book told the story of how the lighthouse and the bridge became friends. This started a national movement to save the famous landmark.

Essex Market by Trevor Harwell

When you go to Essex Street Market, you’ll find a great mix of bodega and gourmet. This market has two fish markets, a butcher shop, a bakery, and a place where you can buy coffee beans. Since it opened in the 1980s, brunch and lunch goers have been coming to Shopsin’s. People come here to meet the owner and his family and have fun. It is a must-go for any New Yorker because of its large menu and fresh food.

Essex Market, an indoor complex at the corner of Delancey and Essex streets, is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Here, there are dozens of food vendors selling food that was made in New York City. The market has been around for a hundred years, and it also offers cooking classes and tours. And because it has been around for a long time, Essex Market is a unique way to enjoy the diverse food scene in New York City.

Staten Island Museum

The Staten Island Museum is a must-see in New York City if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. This museum is one of the last general-interest museums in New York City. It is in an old dorm for retired sailors. The Staten Island Museum has important collections of art, natural science, and history. It also has some modern art and other pieces from its collection.

The Staten Island Zoo is one of New York City’s best-kept secrets. Even though it’s not the biggest zoo in the city, it has a large number of reptiles, including the most rattlesnakes in the world. It has more than 800 different kinds of animals, like birds, reptiles, and amphibians, spread out over an area of eight acres. Every year, Chuck the groundhog makes predictions, and so far, he’s been very right. A brand-new aquarium with walls of water is also there. From the St. George Ferry Terminal, it’s easy to get to the Staten Island Zoo on bus S-48.

A cemetery for boats on Staten Island

In Trevor Harwell’s opinion, the Staten Island Boat Graveyard is a special place in the borough of Staten Island. This scary place is just off Arthur Kill Road in the town of Rossville. It is full of the wrecks of ships, both big and small. They look different because they are half under water. You can walk around the grounds and take pictures of the spooky remains of the ships.

Check out the Staten Island Boat Graveyard for a unique look at New York’s history. This salvage yard is run by a family and is at 2453 Arthur Kill Road in the southwestern part of Staten Island. It gives a creepy look into the history of the city and is a great place to take photos. It was where she lived when she started the Whitney Museum.

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